Rocket Ranger Screenshots (Apple IIgs)

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Apple IIgs version

1940... The year the game starts.
Hitler and his goose stepping armies.
The story so far...
The Nazis are taking over Europe!
This is called a title screen, boys and girls.
Our mild mannered scientist is about to be transformed into a hero! (No, the action type - not the sandwich, oh never mind)
Stuff from the future has just materialized on your desk!
Fort Dix - New Jersey. Your home base of operations.
Tracking the Nazi Zeppelin on your wrist watch computer.
Heeloooo nurse!
The classic damsel in distress scenario.
Let's take on the Luftwaffe!
War room strategic map.
Flying down to the Nazi jungle base.
Shoot out against Nazi gun placements.
Desert shoot out.
The story unfolds.
Rocket Lab - assembling the rocket ship.
Taking a ride to the moon!
Nazi Amazonian women guard the moon base!