Aquarium Screenshots

User Screenshots

Windows version

The title screen
The first time the game is run the player is given the option to check the configuration settings
The first time the game is run the player is given the option to check the configuration settings. These options are also available via the Windows Start menu
The animated introduction has two kids wandering through an abandoned aquarium when this magical guide appears and brings everything to life
The first menu
There are two modes of play, Free Play and Story Mode. This is the beginning of story mode and the player gets to rename their first aquarium
This is the beginning of Story Mode. The player goes through a few menu screens like this before the game begins
This is the beginning of Story Mode. The Management Heaven option gives the player three further choices, Building Maniac, Buying Maniac, or Breeding Maniac
This is the first part of the story in 'Story Mode'
Story Mode: Not sure who this guy is but he proves to be very generous. He also sets the objectives
The first wall mounted tank is placed
Tanks cannot be placed just anywhere
The game's menu bar is usually hidden, once activated the player lets the mouse cursor hover over the icons to find out what they do. Many open into sub menus
This is the screen for buying new tanks
Here the player is placing desk tanks
The tanks are in place and now we are deciding from whom we can buy our fish. There is also the option to catch our own fish but for that we need specialist staff
Once we decide who we're buying our fish from we need to decide what kind of fish we are going to stock. Remember to only buy freshwater fish if you have freshwater tanks
Here we are choosing which fish from the Great Barrier Reef area we want to buy
Once fish have been bought they are put into the tanks. The game won't let you put freshwater fish in saltwater tanks, or any fish into a tank that's too small
We've hired a guide
It's that man again and he insists on giving us more money
The game tells us that one of our exhibits is very popular
The state of each tank must be monitored. Looks like we need a cleaner
The game gives us bad news too. After this we're taken to the breeding room where there's a brief animated explosion
The breeding room after the explosion
The newspapers get hold of the story about the accident. Was it really an accident, it all seems a bit fishy to me
The overhead map view of the aquarium
The game has just been saved
The status bar shown during the save process has a little man moving across the screen apparently shoveling the data as he goes. Very cute