Aero Fighters 2 Screenshots (Arcade)

User Screenshots

Arcade version

Title Screen.
Player Select.
Off to Tokyo.
First wave.
Bigger helicopter.
Blow up the tanks.
Using your smart bomb.
Getting bigger enemies.
The houses are taking off.
Strange robot to destroy.
End of stage boss.
Attempting to blow up the boss.
Keep blasting.
South America now.
Destroy them tanks.
Approaching another boss.
Explosion underneath you.
Off to the Atlantic Ocean.
Bonus round.
Statue of Liberty.
Flying over Central park.
All the fun of the fair.
Avoid them bullets.
Blasting the boss.
Destroyed the boss.
Paris at night.
Eiffel Tower.
Destroy two Concordes.
Sydney Opera House.
How to play
Mao Mao
All characters have own fire mode
Inspiration by 1942/3
Boss fight
Engine to destroy
Fight in clouds
Over ancient city
pyramid is boss
Bigger plane
Yet another boss fight
Last level
Monkey boss
Super power is useful
Second phase
Final Boss
And finish!