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Altered Beast Screenshots (Arcade)

User Screenshots

Arcade version

Title screen (English, "Altered Beast")
Title screen (Japanese, 獣王記, romaji: Jûôki)
Intro #1
Intro #2
Intro #3
Stage 1: The Acropolis. Rise from your grave!
Stage 1 boss: Aggar
Cutscene after stage 1
Stage 2: The Underworld
Stage 2 boss: Octeyes
Cutscene after stage 2
Stage 3: Cavern of Souls
Stage 3 boss: Moldy Snail
Cutscene after stage 3
Stage 4: Neff's Palace
Stage 4 boss: Crocodile Worm
Cutscene after stage 4
Stage 5: City of Dis
Stage 5 boss: Neff
After defeating stage 5's boss
Cutscene after stage 5
Title Screen.
You are commanded.
Beat up the baddies.
Your appearance is changing.
Unleash the beast.
You now have fire-balls.
End of level boss.