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Arkanoid Credits


Directed and Programmed byYasumasa Sasabe (Y. Sasabe)
Directer of Hardware and Co-programmerToshiyuki Sanada (T. Sanada)
Assistant ProgrammerT. Toru (Toru. T)
Graphic DesignerHiroshi Tsujino (Onijust.H)
Sound ComposerHisayoshi Ogura (H. Ogura)
Sound EffectsTadashi Kimijima (T. Kimijima)
Pattern DesignerAkira Iwai (A. Iwai)
Software AnalyzerHidehiro Fujiwara (Hidegons)
Mechanical EngineerHisayuki Yamaguchi (H. Yamaguchi)
Publicity SupervisorVaris.I
Game Designed byAkira Fujita (Akira. F)
Produced byTaito Corporation

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Credits for this game were contributed by ryanbus84 (26601) and Rounin (2150)