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Gauntlet: Dark Legacy Credits (Arcade)

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Critic Score
100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
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Gauntlet: Dark Legacy Credits


Lead ProgrammerSteven Bennetts
3D ProgrammerNathan Pooley (Nathan 'Acorn' Pooley)
Art DirectorSteve Caterson (Steve 'Scat' Caterson)
Lead 3D ArtistDon Livingston
3D ArtistsChris Sutton, Paul Haskins, Stig Asmussen, Rhizaldi Bugawan, Kenneth Tan, Takeshi Hasegawa
Character AnimationTakeshi Hasegawa, Paul Metcalfe
Game DesignMike Hally, Kenneth J. Holm
Music and Sound DesignJohn Paul, Joe Lyford
ProducerMike Hally
Executive ProducerMark Stephen Pierce

Special Thanks

TechnicianAl Vernon
Additional ProgrammingBruce Rogers, Dave Shepperd, Mike Albaugh
Marketing SupportRay Bersabe, Richard Peltier
Japanese TranslationHiroko Koike
Hardware DesignSteve Correll, Mike Place, Andrew Dyer
Hardware SupportPete Mokris, Steve Norris, Greg Piotrowski, Jeff Peters
Production SupportDon Thomas, Brad Moldofsky, Jeff Peters, Rick Martine, Mark Weyna
Industrial DesignDave Cook
Cabinet ArtTaaron Silverstein
Regulatory TestingRick Meyette
Documentation ControlEvelyn Perez
High Res Models FMVViewpoint Data Labs
Additional Music and SoundMichael Henry, Barry Leitch, Don Diekneite
Voice TalentDouglas Lawrence

Game Testing

Lead TesterCharles Ybarra (Charles 'Darth' Ybarra), Marvin Hale
Test ManagerMike Kruse
TesterFrederic Mora, Larry Cadelina, Mario Guevara, Trenton Lewis, Pele Gaoteote

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Credits for this game were contributed by Rounin (2889)