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Golden Axe Screenshots (Arcade)

User Screenshots

Arcade version

Title screen
Select player
Fight! Tyris is furious
Gilius Thunderhead and his axe.
Kick sprites
Ax Battler on turtle's shell
You can ride of dragon - if you gain him
Annoying women. Back to kitchen!
Green sprite gives food
Some story
Red angry dragon
Tyris takes dragon
Dwarf cannot good jump....
Electric power
Knight with sword, armor and shield is troubling enemy
In village
Small explosions...
Tyris' special move
Giant eagle
Two red knights may a be a royal pain in the butt. They also move quicker than in Genesis version
Fighting minions while Death Adder himself assembles from a huge crippled pile
Death Adder is quite tough, but his quick skeletons are even tougher
When you win the game or loose all credits you can see some statistics
Each character has a short info screen
Tyris' ultimate magic attack
Death Adder uses magic