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Ibara Screenshots (Arcade)

User Screenshots

Arcade version

Title screen
Our sightly enemy foes
The beginning (show time!)
The First Guardian, Meidi Rose, piloting the Orange Meillandina
Battling Meidi
Second stage (Canyon) start
Second stage
The Second Guardian, Midi Rose, piloting the Gloire de Midi
Second stage boss when disappointed
We didn't dispatch Midi in time
Third stage (Valley) start
Homing missiles
Bullet heaven
The Third Guardian, Kasumi Rose, piloting the Hana Kasumi
Kasumi angry
4th stage (Sky High)
when exploded, we release harmful projectiles, and...
and enemy bullets turn into score-boosting roses
One of our six weapons, missiles
The enchanting Fourth Guardian, Shasta Rose, piloting the Mount Shasta
5th stage, Castle
The Fifth Guardian, Lace Rose, piloting the French Lace
Lace appears to be aimng at us
Lace Rose when upset
Lace Rose exploded (and, by consequence, cooled down)
Stage 6 (Garden)
6th stage, the clock is ticking...
Stage 6
The Sixth Guardian, Teresa Rose, piloting the Terssa Rose
Teresa attacks us
Teresa Rose upheaval
The most frequent screen you'll see. Continue?
The heroes of the day
Title screen (once the game is completed)
Thank you for your masterwork