The King of Fighters 2000 Screenshots (Arcade)

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Arcade version

Title screen
Player select
Whip vs Choi
Fall of Chang
Mai vs Jhun
Goenitz as striker
Throw enemy
Goddess Athena
Leona's energy ball
Kasumi's fist
Winner's pose
Hinako throws Joe
Hinako vs Mary
Striker - Geese
Energy wave
Terry's gone
Text after fight
Hinako vs Clark, Xiangfei as striker
Wrestling time!
Exploding kick
Ramon vs K'
Garcia in training suit
Punch in belly in air
Ralf wins.
Vanessa's kiss
Right in Maxima's balls
Old Chin has troubles
Normal Athena appears
Fire attack
Vanessa has bad period in life
Lin wins!
Time to hugs!
Warm underwear
Benimaru's alternative costume
Death from above!
Goddess Athena
Battle ability
Clark attacks Shingo
Wrestling moves
Mirror match
King Lion