The King of Fighters 2002: Challenge to Ultimate Battle Screenshots (Arcade)

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Arcade version

Title Screen.
Select your team.
Let battle commence.
Low kick.
Attempting a punch.
Kicking back.
Flying kick.
Nice punch back.
She knocked you down.
Low Punch.
Jumping punch.
Flying kick.
Knocked to the floor.
You have K.O.
Running headbutt.
Get Up.
The battle is over.
Let the taunting begin.
Ikari's team's gals duel. Ok, Whip is sometimes ikari, sometimes not.
Stomp on Leona
Continuation of ikari's matters - Clark on Whip
Kula vs Chong
Angel's hard hit
This is my whip!
Explosion after hit? Great:D
Low attack
Shermie has great athletic abilities - Ramon has no chance
Clark vs Yuri
Vanessa is stunned
Wrestling on Seth
Chris running attack
Winner's team
Kick in Daimon
Energy hugs
Mary throws Mai
May Lee vs Yamazaki
Vice's angry attack
Billy with stick
K vs K9999
Mai and Clark - time to wrestling
Fire attack
Hit head in Mai
Mature vs Terry