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Title Changes

SNK Playmore decided to drop The King of Fighters' yearly naming convention for this title after they discovered that developing a King of Fighters game on the Atomiswave arcade hardware would take longer than one year.

References to the Game

The King of Fighters XI is featured briefly in the first episode of Genshiken OVA, an anime about otaku lifestyle. In this sequence, Manabu Kuchiki wants to challenge the Genshiken club to a fighting game match, saying he has improved since the last time. This refers to the 7th episode of the original Genshiken anime, when Saki said she will accept the new members of the club only if they defeat Kousaka in a fighting game (an impossible task). One of the two potential new members at that time was Kuchiki, but he wasn't even there when Saki set this condition, and when Sawazaki (the other new member) challenged Kousaka to a match of Guilty Gear Isuka and lost miserably. Later he reveals that him training to play fighting games was also a total lie, that's why the main character Sasahara has no difficulty defeating Kuchiki in The King of Fighters XI. Kuchiki played as Ash Crimson, while Sasahara selected Bonne Jenet.

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