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Mat Mania Credits (Arcade)

Mat Mania Arcade Title screen (U.S. version), the name of the announcer is Cory


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Mat Mania Credits


ProgrammersNoriyuki Tomiyama (credited as N. Toriyama), Hiroshi Satoh (credited as H. R. Satoh), Naritaka Nishimura (credited as N. Nishimura)
Art WorkHiroshi Satoh (credited as H. R. Satoh), Atsushi Tanimoto (credited as A. Tanimoto), Koji Ogata (credited as K. Ogata), Kumiko Mukai (credited as K. Mukai)
SoundComputer Gang Stars Co.
DirectorNoriyuki Tomiyama (credited as N. Tomiyama)
Produced byTechnos Japan Co.

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Credits for this game were contributed by Sciere (557630)