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Metal Slug X Credits

23 people


Planning Meeher (as Meeher), Akio (as Akio)
Planning (Enemy Sequence) Narusawa (as Narusawa), Y. Arita (as Arita)
Character Chief Akio (as Akio)
Background Chief Susumu (as Susumu)
Graphic Design Cannon (as Cannon), Tomo (as Tomo), Kozo (as Kozo), Kuichin (as Kuichin), Kon. Kitakichine (as Kon.Kitakichine), Ozi (as Ozi)
Programming (Wizard) Andy (as Andy)
Programming (System Modernize) Nakatsuka (as Nakatsuka), Zen (as Zen)
Programming (Enemy's Brain) Hirokun (as Hirokun), Nishino (as Nishino)
Tool Engineer Pierre (as Pierre)
SoundTakushi Hiyamuta (as Hiya!), Yoshihiko Wada (as Captain Bero-ou)
ProduceTakashi Nishiyama
Executive ProducerYoshihiko Kodo
Hyper OrganizerEikichi Kawasaki
Presented bySNK

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Credits for this game were contributed by Freeman (64301)