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M.I.A.: Missing in Action Screenshots (Arcade)

User Screenshots

Arcade version

Title screen
Your mission is simple: rescue the prisoners
Starting in the jungle, armed with a knife
Tossing grenades
There are 3 horizontal levels in most areas
In some stages you can also go underground for bonus weapons and hidden passages. Here's flamethrower
This represents the 'boss' of the first stage
Kill 4 guys and the whole thing miraculously explodes
1st objective accomplished
Second stage features right-to-left scrolling in this version. Running on a fence
Got a bazooka
Killed by the propeller of the plane
Went underground to get a rifle
It is very hard to avoid fire from enemies on the tower
Some destroyed walls
Died again. Too much action!
Here soldiers pour from all 6 doors
At the rail yard
More and more soldiers run from both sides of the screen at three plains
Used the last flamethrower shot to save my life in a tricky situation
In the prison area
Finally, POWs are rescued!
...not quite. You need to escort them to helicopter
OK, looks like our mission here is accomplished
Two-player simultaneous action (attract mode)