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Pit-Fighter Credits

PitFighter Credits: Cast

BuzzBill Chase
TyMarc Williams
KatoGlenn Fratticelli
ExecutionerJohn Aguire
Southside JimJames Thompson
ChainmanEddie Venancio
Mad MilesMiles McGowan
Heavy MetalKim Rhodes
C.C. RiderRich Vargas
AngelAngela Stellato
Masked WarriorBill McAleenan
Knife WomanDianee Bertucci
Knife ManMilt Loper
Finale WomenTina Scyrater, Maria Lenytzkyj
Project LeadersGary Stark, Mark Stephen Pierce
Project DesignersGary Stark, Mark Stephen Pierce
ProgrammersGary Stark, Paul Kwinn
Digital ImagingRob Rowe
EngineersSam Lee, Doug Snyder
Lead AnimatorNicholas Stern
AnimatorsChuck Eyler, Mark West, Sharon Plotkin
AudioJohn Paul
TechnicianGlenn McNamara
Project SupervisorJohn Ray
Product ManagerJerry Momoda
Support ProgrammersDennis Harper, David Theurer, Mike Albaugh
Additional thanks toJames Petrick, Cris Drobny, Dave Cook, Rich Moore, Bryan Datu, Susan G. McBride, Matt Alario, Karen Stark, Beckett Gladney, Rebecca Rowe, and LDCP

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Credits for this game were contributed by Evil Ryu (65810)