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Pit-Fighter Screenshots (Arcade)

User Screenshots

Arcade version

Title screen
Challengers introduction
Fighter selection
Match number
Opponent introduction
Let's start
Knee in action
Power hook
Stretching the leg
Bloody face kick
Record K.O. time
Fight summary
Southside Jim
Throwing the boards
Knocking the lying opponent
Grudge short match - last fighter standing wins
Angel with the barrel
Game over
High scores
Playing as Ty with his original red pants
The crowd pushes him into the arena
Ty's Super Move - Spin Kick! And the Executioner flies back into the crowd
Match 2 - Southside Jim
Feel the taste of my fists
Get ready to go to the floor
Do not even try to stand
Grudge Match - Sending the opponent to the sea
Nothing like fighting on the pier on full moon night
Taking some damage from the old fat bum
Payback time! Hitting two bums at the same time
Chainman Eddie is huge and very strong! Be careful
Laughing at me! Bastard!!
Playing as Kato with his original yellow pants
Brutality Bonus!! Way before Mortal Kombat
Kato's Super Move - Combo Puch!
This Super Move ends with a powerful two-handed blow which resembles a Hadouken!!
Knocked down by Southside Jim! And he taunts me to insert more coins!! Bastard!!
Playing as Buzz with his original blue pants
Taking a Power Pill turns you into a Hulk! Grrrr
Crushing Angel against the ground
I'm RICH!!!
Buzz's Super Move: Body Slam
Hey! Let me go!!
Masked Warrior - The last opponent in the game - What's the problem with this guy! He's Nuts!!
In the Arcade version, 3 players can play at the same time!
Where are Kato and Buzz when I need them?
Hey losers, watch my big pile of money growing up! I'm RICH!!!