Written by  :  Andrew Fisher (643)
Written on  :  Dec 14, 2018
Platform  :  Arcade
Rating  :  4.75 Stars4.75 Stars4.75 Stars4.75 Stars4.75 Stars
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One of the arcade's best games, a Conan-like story as a simple 2D platformer

The Good

I think a few things make this game seem like more than just another platformer. There's the above average graphics and music, the range of weapons, armour and provisions, all listed and depicted at the start, the introduction where you learn that Rastan is now an old man who has become a king and the game is his story of his days as a barbarian, a "thief-murderer". I think the Rastan character seems to have some depth though some versions of the game skip much of the story. He's a Conan-like, mercenary type, reliant on his muscles and his sword, dressed only in boots and a loin cloth. He's out to slay a dragon in return for riches.I like the stages being divided into outside, inside(castle or cave) and boss room.

The Bad

A lot of arcade games are hard to get the hang of. Rastan is pretty stubborn and I don't think he responds easily to the controls. Missing a weapon stroke can leave you rather open to counter attacks. You have to be precise.

The Bottom Line

One of the best arcade games ever, like maybe even top ten. When playing it now though, it'd make sense to use save states or other relief from the difficulties.