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Rompers Arcade Title Screen


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Rompers Credits

20 people (16 developers, 4 thanks)


Rompers Team ChiefChacha
SuperviserJJ Page
ProducerSatoshi Norimatsu (S Norimatsu)
ProgrammerYukihiko Yagi, Minmin Nakayama
Graphic DesignTakky, Yūichirō Shinozaki (Y Shinozaki), Naoko Kanazawa, Masanori Kimura (M Kimura), Junko Anzai (J Anzai)
Title DesignAkira Usukura (A Usukura), Sonoe Takigami (S Takigami)
Character DesignC. Taga
Original Sound CreatorYoshie Takayanagi (Y Takayanagi), Yuri Misumi (Yuri), Thunder
Special ThanksToshio Natsui (Mr. Natsui), Lucky Boy, Toru Iwatani (T Iwatani), and all members of branch office

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Credits for this game were contributed by ryanbus84 (32103)