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San Francisco Rush 2049: Special Edition Credits

114 people (95 developers, 19 thanks)

Core Team

ProducerJohn Ray ('J.Ray')
Associate ProducerStephen Riesenberger ('STV')
Lead ProgrammerAaron Hightower ('AMH')
ProgrammerMike Napolitan ('[email protected]')
Music and Sound DesignMichael Henry
Art DirectorAdrian Ludley ('Radar')
Lead 3D ArtistRick Gonzales ('Big Rik')
3D ArtistJeremy Dale ('JerOme'), Thomas Stubbs ('Vecster')
Lead 2D ArtistBrian Davis ('Random')
2D ArtistKeith Austin ('Tenebre'), Mike Gonzales ('Gila')
Car DesignMichael Nagatani ('Naggy')
Cabinet DesignMark Gruber

Support Team

Executive ProducerMark Stephen Pierce
System EngineerPete Mokris
Team TechnicianCuong Vu
Audio SoftwareJack Miller
Support SoftwareDave Shepperd, Forrest Miller, Mike Albaugh, John Geraci, Charlie Grisafi, Steven Bennetts, Bruce Rogers, Ed Logg, Nathan Pooley ('Acorn'), Edward Keenan, Mike Lynch, Andrew Eloff, David Reisner
Additional ArtworkRob Reininger, Greg Smith, Hector Fajardo
Drone HandlingRob Reininger ('Contender')
Car Handling AssistantKen Ray ('Kar')
Voice TalentSpencer Lindsay
Design ServicesPeter L. Takaichi, Ralph Perez, Dave Cook, Rick Meyette, Mark Hoendervoogt, Stevie Landaverde, Patrick Hubbell, Evelyn Perez, Tram Vu
Midway EngineeringCary Mednick, Steve Norris, Don Thomas, Mark Meyers, Nick Ehrlich (as Nik Ehrlich), Andrew Kudelka, Betty Purcell, Greg Piotrowski, Chris Bobrowski
MarketingMary Fujihara, Derryl Depriest, Ray Bersabe, Jackie Sherman, Randall Ng, Richard Peltier, Ann Denton
SalesMike Taylor, Masao Ohata, Elaine Shirley, Tom Keil, Alexandra Donnelly, Hiroko Koike, Seiichi Ogasaware
Customer ServiceHolly Lamontagne, Al Vernon, Veronica Zambrano
Hardware DesignAndrew Dyer, Steve Correll, Minh Nguyen, Pete Mokris, Mike Place
Hardware SupportPaul Shepard, Dennis Nale, Darrell Robinson, Nghiep Bui, Jeff Peters
Information TechnologiesRandy Davis, Tox Gunn, Jeff Bell, Sean Schluntz, Felix Robinos
Game TestersDavid Ortiz (Supervisor), Gabriel Leydon, Alfredo Sanchez ('Maverick'), Alexander Beran, Mohammed Ahmed
Ex-RushersAlan Gray, Cameron Petty, Spencer Lindsay
Special ThanksNeil Nicastro, Dan Van Elderen, Kenneth J. Fedesna, Jeff Cheney, Karen Jefferson, Gina Caruso, Marni Saunders, Hung Nguyen, Gregory Allen, Brent Englund, Rick McDowell, George Millington, Neil Baker, John McKillip (as John McKillup), Deborah Geyer, and the rest of the family at Atari Games Milpitas!

Special Edition Support Team

Additional MusicBarry Leitch
Additional ArtMark Gruber
Additional CarsDave Hanson
Track 6Greg Holt
Track 7Todd Papy, Giovanni Erazo
Software EngineeringDave Shepperd

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Credits for this game were contributed by Electric Boogaloo (1431)

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