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Soccer Brawl Credits

18 people (12 developers, 6 thanks)


Produced byEikichi Kawasaki (as E Kawasaki)
Front DesignerStrong Ko Kongoh (as Strong-Ko-Kongoh), Bomber Kanae (as Bomber Kanae), Sambo Asako (as Sambo Asako), T. Yokoyama (as T.Yokoyama)
Back DesignerM.K, Chinatsu S. (as S.Chinatsu)
ProgrammerMantaru Hantaru, From A to Z
MusicDomitory Room102, Yasumasa Yamada (as Wolf.Gang Amadeus Yamada)
Special Thanks toHiroshi Matsumoto (as Finish Hiroshi), Akira Goto, Ducati, Take Pyon (as Take-P), Shima Shimans (as Shima Shimans), Pinkey (as Pinkey)
Directed byFire Narisuke (as Fire Narisuke)

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Credits for this game were contributed by Freeman (57962)