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Street Fighter Alpha 3 Screenshots (Arcade)

User Screenshots

Arcade version

Title Screen.
Player Select.
Next Location.
Next Opponent.
Round 1.
Let's Go.
Avoiding a punch.
Got Me.
Very Fast Kick.
Got Him.
Fighting in the air.
Low Kick.
Good Punch.
A Win.
He's ready for the K.O.
Vega Wins.
Sonic Boom!
Akuma's hadouken to Ryu
Retaliation attack
Cody uses hurricane on Karin
Sakura and her sensei, Dan
Gen's special move - Ken has heavy damages
Sodom slashes Zangief
Now, Zangief is angry
R.Mica is electrocuted by Blanka
Nice ass
Sagat - "The God of Muay Thai" smashes Guy
Rolento uses stick on Charlie...
...and grenades on Gen
Flying Adon. Bison has heavy punch
Shocked Cody
First attack!
Zangief's trademark move
Bison is little too powerful