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War: Final Assault Credits

51 people (45 developers, 6 thanks)


ProgrammingBruce Rogers, Roberto Rodriguez
ArtMatt Harvey, Jeremy Mattson, Steve Stacy, Patrice Crawford (as Patrice Moriarity)
ProducerLoren Bryant
Music and SFXMichael Henry
TechnicianDennis Nale
Additional ProgrammingNathan Pooley (as Acorn Pooley), Dave Shepperd, Steven Bennetts, Jack Miller, Mike Albaugh
Additional ArtJohn Kim
Marketing Derryl Depriest, Mary Fujihara, Randall Ng, Richard Peltier, Ray Bersabe
Voice TalentSteve Stacy, Elise Bryant, Michael Henry, Joe Lyford
Hardware DesignSteve Correll, Andrew Dyer, Ross Shaffer, Mike Place
Cabinet DesignDave Cook, Howard Thomas, Dan Bigelow, Matt Harvey, Nick Ehrlich
Hardware SupportPete Mokris, Steve Norris
Prototype AssemblyMark Hoendervoogt, Patrick Hubbell
Midway TechnicianLeroy Brown
Production SupportDon Thomas
TestingRob Reininger, Jason Cole (as Jason Isiah Cole), Justin Iluvly Leyno, Trenton Lewis, Alexander Beran, Rich Pasqual, Steve Foge, Steve Patton
ThanksDan Van Elderen, Darrell Robinson, Stephen Riesenberger, The Digital Kitchen, Kirk Young, The Roadburner War Techs
Executive ProducerMark Stephen Pierce

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Credits for this game were contributed by Electric Boogaloo (1431)