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X-Men Screenshots (Arcade)

User Screenshots

Arcade version

Blob & Emma Frost
Pyro & Juggernaut
Collosus, Storm, Dazzler & Nightcrawler
Game starts
Group of Sentis to kill
First boss - Pyro
Pyro is almost defeated
3 players mode
Cyclop in action
Nightcrawler can teleport
Fire obstacles
Machine guard
Blob as second boss
Nightcrawler special power
Professor X
Welcome in the jungle!
Wolverine on Storm... not adult scene :D
Living plant
Storm's tornado attack
Strange creatures
Underground cave
Dazzler makes BOOM!
Battle mess
Flying machines
Fight against Nimrod
Free Kitty
Emma as next boss
Juggernaut should be more powerful
Pyro's clones
Human machines. Quite easy enemies
3 bosses on one screen! Great!
Magneto? ...
Nope, just Mystique
True Magneto
End animation
Title screen
Fighter select screen