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Zombie Raid Credits (Arcade)

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Zombie Raid Credits


ProducerHiroshi Tsujino (Onijust)
ProgrammersTomohiro Takahashi (Meat Bacon Apple), Hiroaki Murase
Graphic DesignersIsao Suwa, M. Ujita (Ujita in U.S.A.), Noriyo Amako
Sound DesignerBrian Schmidt
Game DesignGeorge Matono
Executive ProducerYoshi Suzuki
SupervisorsJames Miskell (Jim Miskell), Rick Rochetti
Technical SupervisorKiyo Nishimura
Technical AssistanceGen Ozeki
Production CoordinatorBrad Faris
Cabinet CoordinatorPatrick J. O'Brien
Cabinet DesignerTom Lenick
Artwork DesignerPaul Faris
Electrical SupervisorJohn Jaron
Supervising EngineerDave Pallotto
Mechanic CoordinatorJames Perales
Mechanic EngineerBob Paneck
Game AdviserDavid Cane (Dave Cane)
Creature Sound EffectsFred Young
Special ThanksSakae Nishiyama, Bob Sherman, Dave Kuhrt, Maria Fotinopoulos, Apexa Patel, Naomi Wiggins, Takeshi Sasakura, Nick Ohyama

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