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Arcadia Screenshots

User Screenshots

Commodore 64 version

Loading screen
Title screen and main menu
Prepare for level 01
Fighting as enemies advance.
They got me.
I lost my last life. Game over.

VIC-20 version

The starting screen; press a key to begin
Gameplay on the first level
There are several different types of enemies; they both look differently and move differently
I've been destroyed! These opponents attacked from below...
I've been destroyed again! This time an attack from above...

ZX Spectrum version

You can't get into the game without seeing the credits, hit a key and be prepared for action
Level 1 : Information at top of screen is - Txx : a game timer that counts down from 90 - number of ships remaining - current score - current level - high score this gaming session
The attacking ships come right down to the bottom of the screen so there's no place to hide. Shortly after this shot was taken a wave came in really low and killed me again.
Blue missiles
Start - Spaceship high (little joke)
Level 1 - Fireworks.
Level 1 - Chasing armada.
Level 1 - Explosion satisfaction.
Level 2 - Butterfly hunting.
Level 3 - trembling aliens...
Level 3 - trembling aliens start to rain fire.
Level 3 - Last second: The Massive onslaught attempt of the Trembling Aliens. June this year on your cinema.
Level 4 - The Striking Nails - this is difficult.
Level 4 - The Striking Nails lifted up for the next charge after defeating your ship.
Level 5 - Firehawks? Abductor? Deja Vu?
Level 5 - Massive onslaught last second attempt.
Level 6 - Raining Fire from unknown enemy.
Level 6 - It's the spacial Centipede!!
Level 6 - Last piece of the Centipede.
Level 7 - Crazy radars attack.
Level 8 - The Vengeance of the mad whipping-tops
Level 9 - Cyber Octopus attack
Level 9 - Cyber Octopus attacking from rearguard.
Level 9 - Desperate last second assault.
Level 10 - Bubble Plot.
Level 11 - Dunno.
Level 11 - Dunnos floating to ambush your ship.
Level 12 - The disjointed vertebrae.
Level 12 - The disjointed explosion. Notice that the explosion itself is also harmful. Very important.
Level 12 - Last vertebrae. Last piece of the game.