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Arctic Baron Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title screen
Main menu
Train control station
Command center
Railroad net overview
Credits screen (AGA version)
Start menu (AGA version)
Engine room (AGA version)
Railroad network (AGA version)
Train close-up (AGA version)
Control center wagon (AGA version)
Accountant's wagon (AGA version)
Trading station (AGA version)
Pit stop, where you can purchase new wagons (AGA version)
Some delicious mammoth dung for sale here (AGA version)

DOS version

Title screen (as Arctic Baron)
Title screen (as Transarctica)
The locomotive with engine controls
The starting point of the game
A trading station
A station to purchase new wagons.
Menu to select new wagons.
We decided on a livestock wagon...
...and can now purchase some Mammoth at the respective station.
Overview of the railway system
Barracks station
Searching for information concerning the past and the disappearance of the sun.
Ambushed by mole man in a tunnel.
A station to repair, rearrange and scrap wagons.
Your private wagon with your bookkeeper
From this wagon you can control your spies.
This control panel box lets you control the maximum speed of your locomotive. Left is minimum right is maximum - the more power you put the faster your locomotive goes, but the more coal will be used.
Some towns are practically a place to buy and sell slaves. Slaves are useful for hard labor such as mining, building bridges or even catching wild mammoth.
Visits to certain towns give you coordinates to unknown mines. For maximum output, make sure you have lots of slaves, mammoths and cranes.
If your lucky, you'll spot a herd of wild mammoth wandering near the rails. Make sure you have appropriate livestock wagons to load them as well as soldiers or slaves to catch them.
You don't find many games which has the option of committing suicide...in this case blowing your head off. Coincidently, the gun is located near your accountant.
When you die, this screen pops up. Not quite sure what it means...
Some areas have damaged or no bridges that needs to be fixed. Be sure to have some rails in stock, as well as slaves, mammoths and cranes to get the job done.
When you meet an enemy locomotive, combat occurs. Machine guns are handy in wounding soldiers as well as damaging wagons.
Soldiers are the ultimate threat. They can climb on your wagons and plant TNT on your trains. Planting TNT on your primary locomotive means certain death.
Mammoths are combat behemoths when it comes to melee combat. Any soldier on foot beware! They also are used to transport troops across the battlefield.
Sometimes nomads show up near the rails to trade. They're prices are decent and they sell rare items that fetch a high price at any city.

Official Screenshots

  • Arctic Baron Screenshot
    Silmarils website, 1999
  • Arctic Baron Screenshot
    Silmarils website, 1999
  • Arctic Baron Screenshot
    Silmarils website, 1999
  • Arctic Baron Screenshot
    Silmarils website, 1999