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Area-51 Screenshots

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen
Main Menu
Die mutant! Die!
Analyzing a pile of goo
I think I have seen these guys before...
Promising loading screen
I think I picked the wrong time to reload my gun ...
A strange force that is inhabiting people's corpses gives you some clues... (voiced by Marilyn Manson himself, their eyes even look like his.)
Outside Area 51 the military prepares for the worst
My Hazmat team
Some heavy cooperative action occurs at the beginning of the game
But soon my team is exterminated
One of the bosses
Later on you become infected (with some abuse of bloom included)
Dr. Craig promises to cure you
Black ops cleaning evidence
Many secret await to be discovered in this game
A green arrow show where the next goal is
The scanner is used to... well, to scan stuff
"Severed Arm Used"
No shooter is completed without explosive barrels
Area 51 is the dreamland of conspiranoia
Dual shotgun!, now that is something unusual
Yes, you can operate one of these
The mandatory purple-plasma-throwing alien weapon
Battle inside the command centre
The machine gun's scope reflects the world in real-time.
The facility falls apart the further down you go.
Marilyn Manson voices a mysterious guide that can possess corpses.
Finding a captured UFO.
Shattering some glass with an alien energy launcher.
NO! They faked the moon landing too!
Entering alien facilities toward the end of the game.
Reveal of the Greys.
This poor guy is being vivisected
Picking up the final alien weapon.