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Arkanoid Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Main Title
Some bricks take more time to get destroyed.
Part of the opening story
Gameplay on the first level
Beginning the second level
The gold bricks can't be destroyed!
Using lasers to destroy the few remaining bricks
Catch the red capsule for lasers!

Amstrad CPC version

Loading screen
Title screen / main menu
When beginning a game the story scrolls by
Gameplay on the first level
Catch that "S" to slow down the speed of the ball

Apple II version

Title screen
Gameplay on the first level
Level 2 - each level features different brick patterns.
Catch that "E" for an extra large paddle.
The "S" will slow down the ball.
Blast bricks with lasers
The "P" is an extra life.
Beginning level 7.
Three balls in play
Gold bricks can't be destroyed making some levels more challenging.

Apple IIgs version

Title screen
High scores
The intro
Round 1 ready
Powered up with laser bat
Three balls at once
Game over
A foretaste of the next level

Arcade version

Title screen
Another level
Space Invaders-themed level

Atari 8-bit version

The main menu
Beginning the first level
Gameplay with the extra wide paddle
The tricky third level; some bricks can't be destroyed!
Blasting bricks with lasers
Some bricks require multiple hits to destroy
Each level features a different layout of bricks

Atari ST version

Title screen
The opening story
Gameplay on the first level
Smashing bricks...
The extremely tricky third level
Catch the green capsule for sticky paddle
Ready for round five?
The high score table

BBC Micro version

Loading screen
Story introduction
Level 1
Level 2
Level 5 with multi-hit bricks
Level 8 easier than it looks
Level 16 homage to Galaxians?
High score table

Commodore 64 version

Title screen
The opening story
Gameplay on the first level
About to catch one of the "power ups"
On the third level with the large paddle

DOS version

Select video mode
Title screen (1987 Imagine version)
Select input device
High score screen (1987 Imagine version)
Gameplay (1987 Imagine version)
Fun Time Arcade Logo (EGA)
Fun Time Arcade with Taito Logo (EGA)
Scoreboard (EGA)
The opening story (EGA)
Introduction before start the game (2) (EGA)
Let the games begin (EGA)
A typical game shot (EGA)
Level 2 begins (EGA)
The tricky third level (EGA)
Round 1 (Demo mode)
Fun Time Arcade Logo (CGA)
Fun Time Arcade with Taito Logo (CGA)
Title screen (CGA)
Round 2 (Demo mode)
The opening story (CGA)
Round 3 (Demo mode)
Gameplay on the first level (CGA)
Round 4 (Demo mode)
Gameplay on the second level (CGA)
Round 1 (Demo mode / CGA)
Round 5 (Demo mode)
Round 10 (Demo mode)
Round 20 (Demo mode)
Round 30 (Demo mode)
Title screen (Tandy)
Original Arkanoid file and Keydisk check fail
Catch the "S" capsule to slow down the ball (EGA)
Round 7 is comparatively easy after some of the previous rounds (EGA)
Round 8 requires some tricky bouncing to get the ball into the center where the destroyable bricks are (EGA)
Not too hard...if you can bounce the ball up that narrow passage (EGA)
This level is tough because the silver bricks take multiple hits to destroy and don't release any capsules (EGA)
I have the lasers, now I can shoot some bricks! (EGA)
The large paddle makes it easier to hit the ball (EGA)
Three balls in play destroy this umbrella shaped round (EGA)
The yellow/gold bricks can't be destroyed (EGA)

Macintosh version

Title screen
Start a new game
Select the starting round
Playing in round 1
Shooting the laser
Those things get in the way
Tricky last block
Round 2
Round 3
A new high score
Insert coins where exactly?
Game over

MSX version

Title screen
Gameplay on the first level
I now have a big paddle!
The always tricky third level
Firing lasers...
Those silver bricks require multiple hits to destroy

NES version

Title screen
Japan Title screen
The opening story
The first level
The second level
catch falling power ups
Creatures appear from the top of the screen to get in the way
Enemies in tunnel. But time to destroy the bricks
Cannon is a very useful bonus
Space invader?

PC-88 version

Title screen
First stage. Break all the blocks!
The capsules contain powerups
The white capsules arre extra lives!
Second stage
Getting the ball on top of the blocks if often an effective strategy
Got a multiball with just a few blocks left
This stage is much harder than it looks
Something a bit simpler
Well, now, what could that be?
Laser upgrades are incredibly useful
The last block is always the hardest to hit
High score entry

PC-98 version

Title screen
The short intro...
Let's do it!
Ahh, everyone's favorite, letter L: your pad can now shoot the bricks!
Look, I have two balls!... Err... I know you are going to say: "Don't we all?"... :)
Second level. Nice grass scenery!
Look, I have a long, thick, hard... pad. Okay, okay, I'll stop. Too many hentai games, you know what I'm saying?..
This high-tech level is very hard. The yellow bricks are totally unbreakable
Hehe, the three balls are jumping between the unbreakable bricks, while I just wait!..
High scores

Thomson TO version

Start screen
First level
Second level

TRS-80 CoCo version

Title screen (Coco 3)
Gameplay on the first level (Coco 3)
Firing lasers! (Coco 3)
Those gold bricks can't be destroyed making this level tricky (Coco 3)
The extended paddle (Coco 3)
Catch that blue capsule to split the ball into three (Coco 3)
Silver bricks require multiple hits to destroy (Coco 3)
Not even lasers can help you destroy gold bricks (Coco 3)
Title screen (Coco 1 & 2)
Gameplay with multiple balls (Coco 1 & 2)
Firing lasers! (Coco 1 & 2)
Indestructible bricks always seem to get in the way... (Coco 1 & 2)

ZX Spectrum version

Loading screen
Title screen and scores
The game introduction
Destroying bricks on the first level
Each level has a different brick layout
The gold bricks can't be destroyed
Try to catch the falling power up, but don't miss the ball!
The oddly shaped fifth level