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Arthur's Reading Race Screenshots

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main menu - Arthur
Menu his sister D.W. and dog Pal
Options menu with story pages, mini game pages, or demos
Board race game skill level red, yellow, green
Start of board race
Match card words to pictures - computer controls D.W.
Short cut squares like the water slide
Half way to Ice Cream shop
Arthur arrives first for Ice Cream
Inside the Ice Cream shop
Reading the story clicking on the dinosaurs
Arthur and Pal
Arthur reading to D.W.
The cat hidden under the pan
The cat wakes up Pal from his nap
Arthur and D.W. setting up the Ice Cream test
Mini game Let Me Write allows for objects using drag and drop to change words
By dragging Pal the sentence changes
Now dragging the racket it changes again
The word test for D.W. starts with Zoo
Hidden objects like the Zoo doors shows an animation of a pink hippo
Clicking I-Spy starts with what skill level red, yellow, green
Flip cards of the object and voice prompts as well for I-Spy
Walking through town Arthur keeps asking D.W. what words she can read
The also mix in basic safety in the story
They also add in obeying authority and rules
D.W. is getting close she has eight words
Pal is a source of fun in pages
Arthur getting Ice Cream for them both
D.W. making fun of Arthur for not reading the sign
D.W. gets the last two words

Windows 3.x version

Title screen.
Main menu.
You can have the story read to you, where pages progress automatically...
...or you can read and progress through it yourself, and interact with the pages to look for surprises.
There is also a board game: a race to the ice cream parlor.
Pick a word card, match the correct picture, and you get to move the amount of spaces equal to the amount of letters in the word.
There are shortcuts, and, as seen here, spaces that make you go back.
I win.
They have...interesting flavors.