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ArtRageous! Screenshots

User Screenshots

Windows version

The main plaza, visiting with Pim, the guide.
Visiting the composition destination.
Visiting the light destination.
Visiting the database.
Rather than navigating the pre-rendered 3D landscape, you can navigate this simpler menu.
Explanation of the hue/tone/saturation color model
Color mixing game: build a hue/saturation color wheel.
This activity demonstrates the effect of adjusting the brightness and contrast of a picture.
This color activity demonstrates the effect of color contrasts.
This activity demonstrates how colors can map to sounds -- click on a color for a possible representative sound.
Referencing the database of painters and paintings.
Looking up a painting.
Obtaining the vital stats of a painting.
A representative painter's biography
This color activity demonstrates how different cultures through history have placed emphasis on certain colors (Washington D.C. = green).
This color activity allows the player to modify colors of different parts of a painting.
Changing the colors on the painting.
The goal of this game is to match all of the outlines from the left sidebar onto the corresponding images in the mish-mash painting.
What it looks like when some of the outlines are matched.
Turn on different lights to illustrate the effects of lighting on the sphere.
Certain activities like this one provide "Art-I-Fact" pop-ups for closer study of a scene.
In this perspective game, place the floating objects where they belong on the backdrop, taking into account the 3D perspective.
This activity teaches about the golden proportion.
This activity allows the player to scale, rotate, and manipulate different components of a famous painting.
This activity asks the user to associate different art patterns with different emotions.
The goal of this game is to match a painting to the pattern that best represents it.
This falls under the "life of art" category: it is basically a jigsaw puzzle that must be solved under a certain time limit.