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Arx Fatalis Screenshots

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main Menu
The intro and some of the cutscenes present beautifully drawn art
All of the game takes place underground
The environment is often stunning in design
Spells are cast through defined mouse movement symbols
Poisonous dungeon spider attacking
The alchemistry of spell brewing factory
The torture room in one of the many dungeons
Heavy spells fight
Beautiful scenery of havoc
One of the many NPC's in the game, they hand you additional quests and react to your behaviour
Light my fire
Giant Spider!
Character Info
Spell Book
This tavern near an abandoned fortress has a few NPCs and also allows you to gamble
You can drag and place your inventory items anywhere, and also offer them to people. I don't think this barmaid is impressed by raw fish, though. Next time, maybe flowers?..
You ignore the brutally murdered guard and hang with some farm animals. You can kill this pig, and then you'll have... uncooked ribs...
There are quite a few books in the game, with important historical background and all
Is there a special gem-enhanced sword in my pocket or am I just happy to see this troll?
Welcome to the city of Arx! This is your "hub" location
Beautiful art in the local church
She must be from Shanghai! Seriously! Just look at her and - more importantly - listen to what she says!..
The king doesn't seem to be able to afford a full band. This lonely lute player is all he has for entertainment. Man, I could offer a great bebop quintet for a reasonable price...
Note the detail in interior locations - small animal figurines above the doors in this castle
Nice NPC routines: a woman is working on raw chicken legs in a kitchen
The map is quite helpful, indeed!
Buying and selling - just open a chest in a store and transaction begins. Unfortunately, you can't steal those items
A lovely spot at the outskirts of Arx. An old guy is fishing. The dog is licking its paw, like a cat
Note the detailed face. It seems to be a single texture, though, no polygons
Meeting an interesting character in the local library
An observatory. You can use the telescope to look at the desolate Earth...
Goblin palace. Note the cook bringing pies to the king
Interesting, artistic wall textures in one of the temples. And all I can offer as a token of respect are flowers and some fish - fresh or otherwise
My Mommy told me not to trust maniacal monks who attack me while scary stony faces are watching from the walls
Ahh, this vacation just keeps getting better. Now I have to fight this walking organic ventilator. And to think I almost flew to Hawaii
Wow, this seemingly reptilian creature displays... err... secondary organs indicating mammalian origins. Hey, lady! Take a look at my big, strong... two-handed sword!
Aww, what a peaceful scene. A big troll is fishing and stretching in his troll realm, and I am looking at troll art! Amazing! Pure Michelangelo!
Mines, lava lakes, bridges, conveyors, possible demons waiting behind the corner... Really, who needs sunny beaches and five star hotels?
Err... yeah. Not a pretty sight. Post-battle consequences, I guess. Hey, it could have been me, you know
Found an ice dragon! Wow! What, am I actually supposed to fight this beast?..
Dude... Greenpeace, can't you see? Flower power. No? You insist on maniacally charging at me?... Looks like he does - this very strong enemy is incredibly annoying
Exploring a detailed crypt
Archery in progress! Showing this freak the power of my bow!
Beautiful chapel. Can you solve the puzzle on the floor?
Ah feel blue... Ah can tell you, ah do... 'Cuz ah had to kill you... an' git some fish for a stew...
Practicing rune-drawing in the Temple of Illusions. And I thought I've covered it with bebop licks and all

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