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ASR est sans aucun doute LE jeu à posséder sur GP32. Même si l’histoire est difficilement compréhensible pour un Européen, (il est heureusement possible de passer les dialogues à toute vitesse en appuyant sur la touche R), les autres aspects du jeu suffisent à justifier son achat. Longtemps, une traduction a été annoncée, officiellement, puis officieusement mais au final, rien n’a été fait.
GP32Insert Credit (Mar 31, 2003)
If you've got a GP32 and you've not heard of this game, I'll be shocked. This is the console's one and only RPG, developed by Game Park's solitary first tier developer. The game is beautiful; *lots* of animation, detailed sprites, randomly flying birds, huge towns and an interesting cast of characters. This is PSOne quality 2D, without a doubt. It has a simple battle system, which is a rocky marriage between strategy and traditional RPG style. Music is squished to hell, sadly. It's a real shame to see the SDK's limits imposed on a massive RPG like this. The story is standard fare, but well written. The cinemas are sprite-based, but are truly compelling and well directed.
PSPLegendra (Jan 14, 2007)
Très très mignon, un joli design et un scénario correct : un bon petit jeu qui a vraiment très bien vieilli. A réserver cependant aux joueurs aimant faire pas mal de level-up et prêts à supporter l'écran Game Over.
GP32Legendra (Jan 14, 2007)
Un jeu que j'ai trouvé très très mignon, un joli design et un scénario correct, pour un ensemble bien amélioré par rapport à l'original. Malheureusement en coréen ça gâche l'aspect humoristique de nombreux moments... Je ne saurais donc trop vous conseiller si vous ne faites pas de licence de langues asiatiques de préférer la version PSP. Un bon petit jeu donc, mais à réserver à des joueurs aimant faire pas mal de level-up et prêts à supporter l'écran Game Over. Un très bon remake.
67 (Jun 25, 2006)
Wenn ihr euch davon überzeugen wollt, dass Nostalgie in zwei Dimensionen auch heute noch begeistern kann, dann legt euch SquareEnix' Final Fantasy-Auflagen für den DS zu. Dort erzählen durchdachte Handlungsfäden und ein umfangreiches Kampfsystem bewegende Geschichten. Sonnoris Eintrag wirkt dagegen wie der tausendste Beitrag zum Thema Fußball-WM im „Kleinniemandsdörfer Anzeiger“. Versteht mich nicht falsch: Astonishia Story macht vieles richtig. Es macht allerdings erzählerisch so wenig richtig gut, dass jeder Hauch von Eigenständigkeit an ihm vorüber zieht. Die Wendungen der Geschichte sind vorhersehbar, die Gegner keine Herausforderung, die Helden profillose Skizzen. Aber wisst ihr was? Mir hat es trotz dieser Schwächen Spaß gemacht! Witzige Einlagen lockern das Geschehen auf, das aktive Kämpfen ist kurzweilig und an den wunderschönen Städten und Dörfern kann ich mich nicht satt sehen. Das alles ist mir Grund genug, um mit Astonishia Story die Mittagspausen zu verbringen.
If you're looking for a PSone/early PS2-quality turn-based RPG on PSP... keep on looking.
66 (Aug 14, 2006)
Eigentlich bin ich der Letzte, der etwas gegen traditionelle Spielkonzepte auf modernen Konsolen hat. Astonishia Story konnte mich aber nicht wirklich begeistern. Ganz nett anzusehen entpuppt sich das 2D-Rollenspiel als erschreckend gewöhnlicher, vorhersehbarer Mittelaltertrip ohne Höhen und Tiefen. Müde Story, ordentliches Kampfsystem und keinerlei Innovationen lassen den Titel im breiten Mittelfeld versinken.
PSPWorth Playing (Jul 07, 2006)
Broken down to choosing an RPG for PSP, Astonishia Story is the best available next to the import-only Tales of Eternia, which you should get instead if you have access to it. But against Popolocrois and Legend of Heroes, is that really saying much? The wait for a good U.S. release of a PSP RPG continues.
PSPGameZone (Jun 21, 2006)
If you’re looking for a generic role-playing game that isn’t half-bad despite its dated gameplay then Astonishia Story might just be the PSP game you’ll want to buy. Its story might not be very original and the characters can sometimes have the personality of cardboard cut-outs but it does a few things right enough to be that much-needed RPG fix for when you’re on the go.
PSPGameSpot (Jun 06, 2006)
Astonishia Story is the equivalent of a cheap novel you might pick up in an airport gift shop. It's a light, easy way to burn some time, but isn't substantial enough to sustain interest for very long. It certainly isn't a game you'll want to go too far out of your way to play, but if you're starved for a role-playing game on the PSP, Astonishia Story will provide some temporary satisfaction.
55 (Jun 27, 2006)
Astonishia Story est un RPG qui mérite le coup d'oeil ne serait-ce que pour toucher à un nouveau jeu coréen après l'arrivée de Magna Carta en Europe. Peu original dans ses péripéties, il profite tout de même d'un système de combat simple et technique à la fois. Malheureusement, sa difficulté excessive le destine avant tout aux acharnés du genre qui trouveront là un titre intéressant tout en devant faire face à des accès disque fréquents, une absence de traduction ou un manque de clarté dans ce que l'on attend d'eux.
PSPIGN (Jun 06, 2006)
This is how engaging RPGs shouldn't be made -- even though it's a port of a pre-existing game, it should've been turned into a director's cut with much more content. It would've been so much more intriguing if the tactics were handled better, you cared about the characters in the game, or the story took longer to develop relationships and plot points. Instead, Astonishia Story abandons depth and interesting characters for the barest bones of plot and combat, which will easily leave RPG fans wanting more.
PSPGameSpy (Jun 07, 2006)
No, Astonishia's still not good, and it's probably not worth the $40 asking price. But it's competent, and weird, and will be infamous in a couple years. That's gotta count for something, right? Even Young Lady With Full of Troubles could appreciate that.
PSPLawrence (Jun 28, 2006)
If you're a fan of the classic RPGs from the 16-bit days and you've got a sense of humor you might find some enjoyment in Astonishia Story. However, if spending $40 on a glorified Super Nintendo game doesn't sound appealing you may want to reconsider. With all of the re-releases hitting the market and the availability of Genesis and SNES games, finding one of the classics that Astonishia Story borrows from shouldn't be too difficult.
PSPHardGamers (Jun 26, 2006)
J’aimerais en dire plus, mais que voulez-vous, on ne peut pas inventer des choses pour en parler. En 1994 ou en 1996, Astonishia Story aurait probablement été bien reçu, mais depuis, nous avons pu jouer à des jeux qui ont changé notre perception des RPG, ce qui donne qu’aujourd’hui, un jeu comme Astonishia Story n’a plus vraiment la cote.
With a fast-paced "tactics lite" battle system and a hero who mercifully isn't a spiky-haired bag of sulk, Astonishia should have been great. I guess "good", like God, is in the details.
"A story about being out forty bucks.", "The script occasionally manages to get localized in a way that is surreally funny, rather than embarrassingly bad." Astonishia is yet another case of a game being quickly thrown together (it's based on a 1994 PC title) and getting a high price tag slapped on it.
30 (UK) (Jul 03, 2006)
However, what really nails it to the ground and steps on its throat for Eurogamers is the localisation: now the characters are impossible to relate to or to understand, the plot is unrecognisable (mercifully, as there is no deviation of play paths you don't actually have to know what's going on to know where to go next) and the sparkles of flair that clearly were in the original, now dulled and obscured by wrongly assigned words. To attempt to pass of this unfinished product as a suitable entry point for people unused to videogames and, specifically, RPGs is inexcusable - if ever someone chose this game as their first videogame it would, irreversibly, also be their last.
In the middle of a quagmire of bad localisation, I can’t help but think of Astonisha Story bravely treading water. It was never in its nature to be spectacular, but it could have settled with quietly competent had Ubisoft thrown it a life preserver rather than hurled rocks from the shore.
PSPRPGamer (2006)
All in all, Astonishia Story is a terrible game with a few fun moments. There is nothing much here in terms of story, characters, or complexity in the battle system. The difficulty is high, but only because of the steep level curve, the extreme damage dealt by even regular enemies, and the high price of goods. The game suffers from considerable performance issues, lack of direction, and a story that fails to draw the player in. The few moments of quirkiness are hardly worth trekking through the rest of the crap found in this game. The player can only hope that Astonishia Story 2 turns out to be better, as it looks oh so very cool.