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Back of Box - DOS (US):
    We've taken all of your favorite puzzle types, added in a few new twists and turns, dropped in a barrel of laughs, then crammed 180 of them into 40 attractions to create an unbeatable collection. More puzzles than you can imagine -- word searches, crosswords, jigsaws, jumbles, concatenations, codes, mazes, block and polygon puzzles. All set in the craziest carnival to come alive in this half of the century -- Hazard Park. Watch your step, collect your wits, drop your money, and dive into this flurry of the most popular puzzles ever!

    The Puzzle Gallery is a Game Disk that allows you to play a whole new collection of Puzzle Disks, starting with At The Carnival. Miles Computing will release these Puzzle Disks regularly with new themes, new challenges, and new levels of difficulty. Start here and who knows where it will end!

    Contributed by jlebel (2211) on Feb 24, 2009.