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Blueprint Atari 2600 Beginning a game


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Advertising Blurbs

Atari 5200 - Back of Box:

    Chivalry is not dead! Fair Daisy Damsel is being pursued by mean Ollie Ogre! Only you have the blueprint for the machine that can stop him, but - Oh no! Where did the parts go?

    In and out of the houses you go, searching for the pieces that will fit the blueprint. But beware! a bomb may be waiting for you as you enter. Quick - get it to the Pit before it blows!

    Fiendish Fuzzy Wuzzy also stands in your way. If he gets hold of you, it's curtains! And the neighborhood nerd, Sneaky Pete, keeps trying to throw a monkey wrench into your plans. Plus, a blow from a falling Flower Pot can prove fatal! But if you complete your contraption and knock off Ollie, you'll have saved Daisy!

    But alas! A true hero never rests. Ollie's at it again, faster than ever! And this time, it's going to be more of a challenge to get your machine finished. Hurry, there's no time to lose!

    It's a nonstop cliffhanger that really tests your memory! Go to it, hero - do it for Daisy!

    Contributed by RKL (5734) on Dec 22, 2003.