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Crash Dive Reviews (Atari 2600)

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The Atari Times (Feb 06, 1997)
I absolutely love this game. In my years of collecting, I have not managed to get this game until recently. And wouldn't you know it, I find another the following week. I highly recommend this game from both a collectibility and playability standpoint. The idea of the game is great. The sub/plane splashing into the water is done very well on the 2600.There is a reason why many games are ER's, that is because the games are usually not that good; not so with Crash Dive. I rate playability and graphics very high for a 2600 game.
TeleMatch (Mar, 1984)
Das mag insofern Spaß machen, als es mit fortgeschrittenem Schwierigkeitsgrad immer schwerer wird, den Angreifern auszuweichen, wobei ja darauf zu achten ist daß der Treibstoff nicht zur Neige geht. Dennoch ist hier die Jagd nach Punkten nach meiner Auffassung zu sehr Selbstzwec,k das Umfeld hat lediglich Alibi-Funktion. Doch das eben ist Geschmackssache.
Woodgrain Wonderland (Nov 16, 2016)
What saves Crash Dive from being a CommaVid- or Telesys-style waste of time is its real sense of strategy around the best order to shoot down your enemies (top to bottom, I find) and how to manage your limited fuel supplies. One big grade deductor is the programming decision to make the visual and sound effects for losing a ship the same as those for submerging underwater. When I first started playing I frequently mistook submersion for having lost a life. Once you get your head around that, it’s an enjoyable play.
The Video Game Critic (Feb 09, 2004)
It's not a stand-out title, but Crash Dive serves its purpose, although I haven't figured out what that is yet.
Atari HQ (2001)
Gameplay is reminiscent of Seaquest. Wait, check that. The theme is similar to Seaquest, but the play is about a billion times inferior to Activision's hit game. Crash Dive is so dull and straightforward that it makes you wonder what the executives at Fox were thinking. Similarly, the graphics astound in its incredible lack of detail. And if you're one of those players that likes to play through a complete game before passing judgement on it, you might be in for a long night of gaming. It's pathetically easy; evading enemy fire is a cakewalk, and shooting down enemies requires less skill than tying your shoe laces.