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Dragonfire Ad Blurbs (Atari 2600)

Dragonfire Atari 2600 Title screen


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Advertising Blurbs

Back of Box - Intellivision (US):


    Screenshot 1 text

    Dragons rule! The young Prince hopes to defeat them - but first he must reclaim the King's treasures. The Prince attempts to cross castle bridges. Hatchling dragons try to prevent him. They hurl deadly fireballs at the agile Prince. He leaps, ducks and sprints to avoid them, while arrows fly from the towers overhead!

    Screenshot 2 text

    When the Prince gets across the bridge, he finds a splendid storeroom - and its ferocious guardian! He can take every treasure he touches. He must grab them all before a magical exit appears and he can escape. But the dragons become smarter and faster the farther the Prince proceeds! Their fiery breath spells doom!

    1 or 2 players direct the Prince on his adventures. 2 keypad covers convert your hand controllers into dragon darers!

    Contributed by Abuebao (31) on Mar 08, 2014.

Description from Intellivision catalog:
    Dreadful dragons control the King's castle! You, the young Prince, want them banished - but first you must reclaim the royal treasures. You have to cross castle bridges, dodging dragonfire as you go. Leap, duck and sprint to reach the other side!

    Once across, enter a splendid storeroom. Pocket every treasure you touch. But beware of deadly dragonfire! Each dragon is smarter than the last, and some are almost invisible! How many bridges can you cross? How many storerooms can you empty?

    Contributed by RKL (5736) on Sep 18, 2003.