Frogger II: ThreeeDeep! Trivia (Atari 2600)

Frogger II: ThreeeDeep! Atari 2600 The underwater part of the game


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Frogger II has been released on an numerous console and computer platforms, but the spelling hasn't been consistent from release to release. The PC version uses the spelling Three Deep, compared to other platforms which use the spelling ThreeeDeep!.

When playing on a true CGA card with an RGB monitor (including Tandy 1000's and PCjr), Frogger II uses a palette of green-red-cyan-white. This is done by setting the background color to green (instead of the default black used by most games) and using the tweaked red-white-cyan foreground colors (most video cards will display the foreground colors as the usual magenta-white-cyan, though).

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