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The Atari Times (Aug 08, 2005)
This is one of those games that, in my mind, every serious 2600 fan should purchase. It’s not only a great game, but programmers like Montgomery should be encouraged to keep producing fantastic titles like Go Fish! Top-notch homebrews like Go Fish! help keep the Atari 2600 alive and kicking, and we fans of the system should all be grateful for that.
Woodgrain Wonderland (Mar 06, 2017)
Another homebrew, but this time one with the opposite problem from Gingerbread Man above: Go Fish! is just too easy. Similar to the Intellivision classic Shark! Shark!, Go Fish! puts you in the persona of a small fish in a big ocean. Your goal is to eat same-size or smaller fish until you grow enough to eat bigger fish. There have certainly been better games with the same premise in recent years; the Xbox 360 included a de facto update of Shark! Shark! (I can’t remember its name offhand) that was quite fun. By comparison, Go Fish! seems very slow and linear. It’s by no means a total disaster; it’s fun in small doses and it’s nice to have at least a semi-port of Shark! Shark! for the 2600 (funny how M-Network seemed to port the Intellivision games few Atari owners asked for but failed to do so for the one we wanted). However, if you want to experience any kind of challenge at all, set your difficulty level to “A.”
The Video Game Critic (Aug 23, 2008)
I do like how the game supports the AtariVox voice attachment, but it's only used to save high scores. A few underwater bubble sound effects would have been nice. I was looking for some summer joy, but with Go Fish, I'm afraid my high hopes were scaled and gutted.