Gremlins Screenshots

User Screenshots

Apple II version

Title screen
Gameplay on an easy level
Try to put all the mogwai in the cage
The fridge will spit out puddle forming ice cubes!
The screen gets crowded on later levels

Atari 5200 version

Atari logo and game title
Title screen
A game in progress
The t.v. can distract both gremlins and mogwai
Level complete, mogwai bonus
Yikes, it's gremlins mayhem!

Commodore 64 version

Title screen
Beginning the first level
Level complete - Mogwai bonus!
Turn on the t.v. to distract Gremlins and Mogwai
Gremlins and Mogwai will split into two if they run into the puddles near the fridge
Aah, it's Gremlins mayhem!

PC Booter version

Title screen
Beginning an easy level
If the gremlins open the fridge, ice falls out causing the gremlins to multiply
Destroyed a gremlin
The end of level mogwai bonus