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Written by  :  RobinHud (73)
Written on  :  Dec 05, 2005
Rating  :  1.4 Stars1.4 Stars1.4 Stars1.4 Stars1.4 Stars

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Now Atari is getting somewhere.

The Good

I know it may sound strange, but this time, Atari made quite an improvement. The graphics are still quite basic, but at least, there is no doubt about what the game elements represent. The characters do look (though remotely) like baseball players.

If I compare this game with what has been done for home entertainment so far, the programming is much more complex. The developers were able to include all of the most important rules of the sport.

The Bad

My main disappointment was that the kind of control you get with your field players is very limited. You have very few options on the number of players and their positions. Furthermore, they all move together like line dancers and will never pass the ball to one another, so they all look kind of weird on screen.

Despite the relative complexity of the game, one can easily get tired of playing. As soon as you get a good control of the joystick, the Home Run becomes too easy and it becomes almost impossible so score any points.

Finally, as usual with Atari games, there is no way someone can appreciate the sound on this game.

The Bottom Line

Home Run is simply a baseball game. The joystick controls the batter in one team, and the pitcher and the other field players in the other. Except for the fact the the field team disposes on a maximum of three men, the rules are basically the same so I'll suppose that everyone gets the idea.