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Infiltrate Atari 2600 Starting screen


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Tilt (May, 1983)
Trois niveaux de difficulté (au plus élevé, les robots deviennent réellement machiavéliques), la possibilité de rendre vos ennemis invisibles, sauf lorsqu'ils empruntent les ascenseurs, ou plus dangereux en augmentant la portée de leur arme, bref, toutes les conditions d'un suspense éprouvant sont réunies. Amateurs de thrillers, à vous !
The Atari Times (Dec 05, 2001)
This is a fun and challenging game. But it's poor graphics may not cut it with some people and may just as easy toss this game away to someone. But if you like spy movies, or pretending to be a secret agent, Infiltrate is a half decent game to try to get your mind off of breaking the law with your "spying" abilities.
Infiltrate is fun for a time, but it doesn't take long to master, which means that more intrepid thrill-seekers will probably be searching for new playfields to conquer before long.
neXGam (Jun 27, 2013)
Die Dokumente selbst sind aber nur als einfacher Strich am Bildschirm und damit nicht als solche zu erkennen. Ansonsten ist das Spiel sehr bunt gehalten, also wirklich bunt. So richtig farbenfroh eben. In Regenbogenfarben. Der Sound kommt dabei nicht ganz so strahlend rüber, fügt sich aber trotzdem ganz gut ins Spiel ein. Schwierig wirds aber die Lifte zu betreten, da ein sehr genaues Timing vonnöten ist um diese zu besteigen. Den Schüssen der Assassinen auszuweichen ist dagegen nicht allzu schwierig, da man sich ducken kann, indem man den Joystick zurückzieht.
Infiltrate is definitely not this company's strongest game, so don't let the Atari 2600 fanboys fool you. Some people may enjoy it for a few seconds, but I don't think I can safely say anyone will enjoy it for longer than that, because it just isn't possible to play it long enough. I wouldn't even bother, chuck it in the trash or don't even waste your time.
The Video Game Critic (Nov 23, 2005)
Infiltrate's action is faster and more frantic than most platformers, but its controls are touchy and the flickering "assassins" jump around erratically. Even so, Infiltrate is not as bad as it looks.
Woodgrain Wonderland (Apr 22, 2017)
Just poor game design all around. Games by Apollo may not have released as many disasters as, say, Data Age, but I don’t recall any real triumphs either (at least DA had Frankenstein’s Monster). Mind you, I’m only a third of the way through the alphabet so I hope they surprise me.