Kaboom! Ad Blurbs (Atari 2600)

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Advertising Blurbs

Back of Box - 5200 (US):

    Winner of the 1982 Arcade Alley Award.
    Best Audio and Visual Effects!

    That menacing Mad Bomber is back! And, this time, he's meaner and mightier than ever. He'll have you running your buckets of water as fast as you can carry them. Try to douse his bombs before they douse you.

    Or, if you're feeling really relentless, then you play the Mad Bomber and let someone else try to catch your bombs.

    All of the looney action is set to the tune of the 1812 Overture. Register your high scores on-screen, just like the arcades.

    Larry Kaplan's classic best-seller has now been adapted for the Atari® 5200™ by Paul Willson.

    Use Atari® 5200™ Controllers. For one or two players.

    Contributed by Joshua J. Slone (4672) on Jun 26, 2007.

Back Cover - 2600 (US):

    Conceived and designed by
    Larry Kaplan


    Our charming "Mad Bomber" really doesn't mean any harm. It's just that he loves nothing better than to drop his bombs and watch them explode.

    Only you can stop him. As he tosses his bombs, you race to douse their fuses with your buckets of water. The more bombs that splash in your buckets, the more points you score. But, the more points you score, the faster the bombs drop.

    Miss a bomb, and you'll learn how Kaboom! got its name.

    Here's a true test of stamina, reflexes, and concentration--Kaboom! by Activision. Simply spellbinding!

    Contributed by Joshua J. Slone (4672) on Mar 05, 2004.

Activision catalog - Winter / Spring 1984:
    Here's the Mad Bomber now, dropping little black bombs off that nearby rooftop. You've got to grab a bucket of water and catch those sparklers before bedlam breaks loose! It's wild. It's irresistible! And now, in the two-player version, you can fling the fireworks or be the fast-catching bucketeer and compete head-to-head. Catch the action!

    Contributed by RKL (5734) on Dec 15, 2003.