Version differences

Lock 'n' Chase is actually based on an old arcade game starring the "gentleman thief" Lupin III. Lupin III is a famous manga star and the creation of manga-ka Monkey Punch, and his background is mentioned as being the grandson of world-renowned thief Arsene Lupin!

And that's also why the game was released in the U.S. with all Lupin refs removed... Maurice LeBlanc, the author who wrote the original Lupin novels, of course copyrighted his work. But in Japan, the copyright isn't enforced as much, so that's why Lupin III exists. But in the U.S., the copyright was enforced, so Lupin's personality was erased in the U.S. version of this game, both in the arcade and home versions.

Version differences: Intellivision

The Intellivision Lock 'n' Chase had two releases. The original 6K version had spottier control and was missing Lupin's "death" animation (he collapsed into his hat and cloak in the arcade version). A later 8K version fixed the control and added the animation.

There's no way on the outside to tell which version is which. The only way to find out is to play the game and see what happens when Lupin gets caught by a cop.

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