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Mega Force Atari 2600 Starting screen. Here is Sardoun.



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TeleMatch (Mar, 1984)
Einziger, aber heftiger Kritikpunkt: Bei Mega Force gibt es die meisten „Punkte“ (und paradoxerweise dafür auch noch „Treibstoff‘) für das Töten eines Menschen. Daraus resultiert die Note bei Spielwitz, die dem Gesamturteil abträglich ist. Wer solche Dinge indes als „Kleinigkeiten“ abtut, vielleicht weniger ernst nimmt, weil wir's ja „nur“ mit einem „Spiel“ zu tun haben, wird sogar „sehr gut“ bedient.
20th Century Fox Mega Force is a surprisingly fun game with some interesting dynamics. Perhaps is was tainted by the lousy movie on which it's based, but it's visually pleasing with good sound and game play. The changing bike is a nice touch. We like shooting at things and Mega Force does it well.
Woodgrain Wonderland (Jun 18, 2017)
Mega Force features a wide range of difficulty and is on par with its label’s generally high standards. It does bug me a little that the game lifts graphics directly from other games (in this case the escape pod from Atlantis and Cosmic Ark and the fuel cells from River Raid), but hey, Imagic hasn’t existed for decades and I highly doubt Activision cares anymore. Otherwise, Mega Force is an above-average side-scrolling shooter that is well worth checking out.
The Video Game Critic (Aug 28, 2013)
From the look of it, Mega Force most closely resembles Chopper Command. The idea is to protect a white city on the far left side of a scrolling landscape and destroy the black city on the far right side (that's racist). Enemy aircraft tend to swarm and unleash tiny projectiles. If that's not enough, you'll have to deal with heat-seeking missiles launched from the surface below. The action gets a little crazy at times, but that's okay. The only thing that bothers me is how you can't destroy the missiles because your shots pass right through them. The colorful scenery features a barren desert with red mountains and blue skies. The exotic-looking buildings look sharp, and there are some palm trees and small ponds. Mega Force is sloppy and confusing at first, but once I figured out what the [expletive] was going on, I developed a modest appreciation for this throw-away shooter.