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Woodgrain Wonderland (Jun 23, 2017)
Sure, there are new levels, but they’re unplayable in the same way as those of its predecessor’s. Programmed by the same guy, Miner 2049er Volume II is still abysmally slow. Any potentially compelling new features, such as the scissor lift on the first level, are completely scuttled by the same old poor controls and sub-turtlelike movement. It’s particularly frustrating because just looking at the level designs gives you an idea of what a good game this could have been given some competent programming. So don’t torture yourself – move on and find another system on which to scratch your Miner 2049er itch.
The Video Game Critic (Mar 20, 2012)
The first Miner 2049er game for the 2600 pushed the limits of human misery, so you may ask why this sequel even exists. Easy money I'm afraid! This is the exact same game as the first, except with three new screen layouts. You'll get the same queasy feeling when you fire up the cartridge and hear that putrid, off-key "Clementine" song. When will the hurting stop? The stage layouts incorporate an adjustable lift, a radioactive waste pool, and machines specially designed to crush miners (just my luck). But these gimmicks can't hide the painfully tedious and sluggish gameplay. I've had more fun cleaning a cat litter box! Fortunately very few copies of this game were ever produced, and only die-hard collectors will be the least bit interested in this.