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Pitfall! Screenshots (Atari 2600)

User Screenshots

Atari 2600 version

Title screen / starting the game
Use ropes to swing over bottomless pits and swamps
Ah, some treasure!
Swinging over some alligators
Score has reached 20,000 points... now eligible to take a Polaroid snapshot of the TV screen and send it to Activision to receive the "Explorer's Club" patch and join the team of Pitfall enthusiasts!
A beautiful diamond ring! It is certainly a dazzling treasure to pick up! It is also the rarest treasure, and worth the most points.
Escaping the bite of a dangerous rattler!
Entering the catacomb of tunnels below... it is a different world down there.
Death by a Scorpion! If you don't time your jump just right, your fate will be sealed underground...