Advertising Blurbs

Back Cover - 2600 (US), 1982:
    SPACE ATTACK cartridge

    • For 1 player vs. the computer. 2 game levels.
    • Two game modes: Radar Mode for strategy and Battle Mode for action!
    • Six alien fleets of varying sizes attack your Mother Ship. Defend her with your three squadrons.
    • Computer graphics and sound effects "take you there," for an outer space dogfight.
    • Alien ships dodge your fire with evasive maneuvers, fire back with deadly "photon blasts."

      Use your JOYSTICK CONTROLLER to play SPACE ATTACK on your Atari Video Game System or Sears Video Arcade System.

      Contents: One SPACE ATTACK cartridge and playing instructions.

      Contributed by Joshua J. Slone (4672) on Mar 09, 2004.

    M-Network/Telegames Catalogs:
      * Radar screen pinpoints alien squadrons
      * Then go to close-up, pilot's view
      * One player game, two difficulty levels

      Contributed by RKL (5736) on Jan 23, 2004.

    Atari 2600 description from Consumer Electronics Show, 1982 :
      It's you and your squadron against the attacking aliens. Control the strategy and the action for defending your Mother Ship. Pinpoint alien attackers, then go to a close-up pilot's view for battle! One player game with two difficulty levels.

      Contributed by RKL (5736) on Sep 20, 2003.