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first sideways shooter, high action and early historical Todd Marshall (8) unrated

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Category Description User Score
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 3.0
Graphics The visual quality of the game 3.0
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 2.1
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 2.4
Overall User Score (7 votes) 2.6

Critic Reviews

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If you're the type of person who says, "Hey, watch me knock that milk bottle off the fence," you'll probably want to become a Space Jock. If you like exploring secret rooms and video caves in search of hidden keys and things, you will probably look at Space Jockey as mindless, electronic cotton candy drivel. But cotton candy tastes so good!
The Atari Times (Dec 03, 2004)
As I hinted earlier, the gameplay is just plain boring. It starts out rather ho-hum at first, and then goes downhill from there as nothing ever changes. You start out blasting wave after wave of enemies, and they just dumbly fly at you and shoot at your ship until you're either destroyed or - more likely - you cut off the game out of sheer boredom. I do believe I've made my point - you can do without this game. The cartridge is quite common, but I'd only advise getting it if you can find it for either free or some price close to that.
Space Jockey doesn't take advantage of the myriad of options that similar games used. There is no interaction with the ground and enemies don't offer much diversity to the game play. We gave it a higher than usual rating because the additional game variations do offer options like ramdom enemy movement and horizontal ship movement which add some more challenge.
Overall, Space Jockey is merely average. There are many other side scrolling proto-SHMUPs on the VCS which are more entertaining (such as Laser Gates, for one). Try it out if you like, but don't be surprised if you find yourself moving on to another game before too long.
Space Jockey is a solid game with a lot going for it, but it could be even better. Maybe if the designer had included some milestones such as those found in Moon Patrol and River Raid to give the player a sense of accomplishment, it might be a slightly better game. More importantly, it could use a little more intensity.
TeleMatch (Nov, 1983)
Dennoch: Die grafische Aufbereitung wirkt vergleichsweise attraktiv. Mit sechzehn möglichen Schwierigkeits- bzw. Wahlstufen fühlt man sich recht ordentlich bedient. Aktion ist bei dem Luftritt im eigentlichen Sinne des Begriffes reichlich gegeben. Das war‘s denn auch. Ich halte Space Jockey für entbehrlich.
Retroage (Aug 13, 2009)
Space Jockey to prosta strzelanina, która przecierała szlaki dopiero co powstającemu gatunkowi. Nie urzeka niczym szczególnym i może służyć, jako prosta forma odstresowania po ciężkim dniu pracy. Za długo nie da się przy tym siedzieć bo rozgrywka jest bardzo monotonna, ale faktem jest, że coś jednak Space Jockey w sobie ma i dzięki temu wraca się do niego od czasu do czasu żeby ustrzelić paru ziemian.
The Video Game Critic (Apr 10, 2005)
If you play a difficulty variation, Space Jockey even provides a degree of challenge. And did you know that moving the joystick after a game causes the high score to be displayed? Sadly, that's the highlight of an otherwise extremely bland shooting experience.
Woodgrain Wonderland (Feb 11, 2018)
Space Jockey is a standard-as-ass side-scrolling shooter with no secondary mission, no levels and no sense of achievement whatsoever. It is further hampered by atrocious collision detection. It looks okay but in that peculiar way that screams “third-rate Atari 2600 game.” It’s shovelware, pure and simple. I’m not sure where Space Jockey fits chronologically on Kitchen’s CV, but thank God Activision recognized what a talented game designer he could be because this game certainly doesn’t show it.