Space War Trivia (Amiga)

Space War Amiga Title screen


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In the Amiga version, if you look very closely at the asteroid, you'll see that its craters form the face of Bill the Cat.

Contributed by Beefy (263) on Apr 06, 2006. -- edit trivia

The original SpaceWar game (sometimes spelled Space War or Spacewar!) was created in 1962 on the PDP-1 computer at MIT. The PDP-1 was the first computer to have a CRT display and a keyboard. SpaceWar was not only the first game ever made, but also did several other things:

-The first controller for SpaceWar was a trackball, essentially making it the first mouse. However, the team eventually got some joysticks from F-11 fighter jets and programmed the game to run on them, making the first gaming joysticks.

-In 1969, Ken Thompson wanted to play SpaceWar of a PDP-8 computer, so he wrote an operating system called UNIX to get it running. UNIX is still widely used today, and eventually spawned Linux.

Contributed by Zack Green (1185) on Jul 28, 2004. -- edit trivia