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Advertising Blurbs

Back Cover - 2600 (US), 1982 release:
    Shrink down, down, down. And fight a deadly battle deep inside the human body.

    • Realistic amoebic motion.
    • Up to 30 randomly moving virus attackers.
    • Choice of single torpedoes or salvoes.
    • Switchable screens.
    • One and two player games.
    • Choice of difficulty levels.
    • Keeps high score.
    • Plus live action previews of other exciting Arcadia games.

    For use with the Arcadia Supercharger
    • Just plug the high-powered Supercharger into the cartridge slot of your Atari set.
    • Add game-playing power, extra features, and super graphics.
    • Arcadia games come on top-value cassettes--less than 30 seconds to load from any standard cassette player (required.)
    • Uses standard joystick controllers. Can't damage your TV or video game set.
    • Complete instructions included.

      Contributed by Joshua J. Slone (4667) on Mar 13, 2004.